Automate the Creation
of Process Descriptions

If you're fortunate enough to be a person Who Knows How, you're familiar with creating guides, instructions, and other descriptive materials. A properly organized documenting process benefits you by increasing productivity and generating productive output. Otherwise, documenting becomes a daunting task you'd rather delegate to someone else. However, as you recall, it's you Who Knows How.Try out a tool that will turn your process documentation routine into an inspiring task. MagicHow will capture every step of the process and compose a comprehensive guide. Just add a few strokes to make it perfect.

Describe Processes Easily

Turn to MagicHow While
Dealing With a Bunch of Tasks

Automated creation of how-to guides, SOPs, instructions, manuals, and other guiding documentation helps you tackle a variety of tasks.

Training Your Team

Whether it’s the existing or new software, your team should master it so that using tools feels similar to how instincts work: quickly, effectively, and straightforwardly. Help your teammates become masters.

Training Your Customers

Provide your dear customers with clear, easy-to-perceive, visually attractive guides to help them benefit the most from your software products. Customers’ comfort affects your ROI, so hit the bullseye on the first shot.

Onboarding Your Talents

Help new hires settle in quickly in their digital working environment by providing them with tutorials: brief, illustrated, and easy to grasp. Reduce time and effort spent on onboarding.

Making SOPs

Say goodbye to the production line of copypasting work while creating tons of Standard Operating Procedures. MagicHow will record each step you make and compile screenshots into a well-rounded how-to guide.

Answering how-to questions

Instead of participating in innumerable ask&answer sessions, create a comprehensive guide once and share the link whenever you deal with inquisitive colleagues, customers, and trainees. Get the most out of communication by getting rid of the routine.

Use Automated How-to Guides
in a Vast Variety of Industries

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Create SOPs and Process Documentation in Five Steps

With MagicHow, you can create instructional documentation by simply following the process yourself, while our extension captures every step and compiles the content in a well-rounded document.

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Start a process you’re going to record. Activate MagicHow by pressing the recording button.

Step 2. Going through

Perform a process, following the usual steps while MagicHow makes screenshots. Enjoy smooth sailing!

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Look through the document and customize it if needed. Do the most creative work, giving a guide a polished look.

Step 4. Sharing

Provide your colleagues, trainees, and new hires with comprehensive instructions that help them enhance their performance.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

Start Creating Automated SOPs Today and Benefit Tomorrow Today

Feel This Kind of Magic!

Saved time

With MagicHow, you can easily follow one of the basic software development principles - DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). Create one instruction and share it with as many recipients as you need, diverting your time to more important and creative tasks than emailing.

Higher performance

By shifting your priorities to strategic, creative, and expertise-demanding tasks, in contrast to repetitive actions, you can bring more value to the business. With MagicHow, you can get greater output from your time and effort investments.

Process standardization

Ensure synchronization of team members' efforts in reaching business goals. Provide standards throughout processes in which software is involved for performance optimization. Reduce the number of errors and delays in daily routine.

Fast onboarding

Concise and comfortable onboarding - whether it's the integration of new hires or customers into a company or service - incentivizes a higher retention rate. MagicHow provides your employees and customers with a flatter learning curve, ensuring loyalty.

Higher motivation

More creativity in dealing with everyday tasks entails higher engagement: it's way more inspiring to search for insights than make screenshots for several hours in a row. Do yourself a favor and let MagicHow automate the process of making step-by-step guides.

The Creation of an Instruction or a Guide Is Possible Within Minutes. Let the Magic Happens!

Start Doing Magic to SOPs

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