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Rolling out new tools to your team can be more challenging than you envisioned in your most optimistic prognosis. Chances are that the learning curve for the new software will be steeper than expected, or your team may be less motivated to integrate the new tool into their daily routine. With MagicHow, you can mitigate these potential challenges by providing your team with effective knowledge management.

Generate Guides Automatically

Help Your Employees Harness a New Tool Quickly and With Minimal Effort

MagicHow will help you organize passing on the knowledge of using new tools through the creation of visual guides, manuals, and SOPs. Your teammates will obtain information step-by-step and become proficient swiftly.

Visual SOPs

With MagicHow, you can create a manual for any kind of software that is run on a desktop or browser. While you take an action using software, MagicHow records it and compiles automatically created screenshots into a visual instruction.

Easy Scalable Knowledge Base

Embed your instructions and manuals into your knowledge base quickly and easily. MagicHow makes it possible to update your guiding content in the real-time mode, allowing you to keep your colleagues up to speed with innovations.

Wide Audience Coverage

Instructions, manuals and tutorials made with MagicHow are easy-shareable; hence, document authors can reach out to the wide audience, passing on their experience in using software. One document can be translated to hundreds or even thousands of readers.

Smooth Workflow

Detailed instructions empower your employees to work productively from the first day of the new tool implementation. Competence backed up by visual instructions prevents employees from errors. Process standardization helps your team work in sync.

Learning Consistency

Learning that is planned and supported by detailed and visual manuals, is more effective compared to the knowledge acquisition that is impromptu and haphazard. Visual instructions help flatten the learning curve and shorten the terms of learning.

Highly Competent Team

A comprehensive knowledge makes your team proficient and able to find efficient solutions for every task, even the most brain-wracking ones. It allows your business to retain clients, strengthen its reputation and, as a result, increase profits.

Create Automated Guides for Your Intranet Channels

create automated step-by-step sops with magichow tool
create automated step-by-step guides with magichow tool
create automated step-by-step manuals with magichow tool
create automated step-by-step breakthrough tips with magichow tool
breakthrough tips
create automated step-by-step faqs with magichow tool
create automated step-by-step tutorials with magichow tool

Generate Guides and SOPs to Help Your Team Acquire New Tools

You can create a simple how-to guide or manual within a few minutes.
A complex document may take a little longer, but it is still easy!

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Activate MagicHow by pressing the start button and follow the process.

Step 2. Going through

Stop performing the process and turn off MagicHow.

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Take a look at a guiding document and customize it if needed.

Step 4. Sharing

Share your instructional document with your employees.

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Provide Your Team With the Knowledge, Vital for Adopting New Software Tools

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Benefit from MagicHow Assistance While Implementing New Tools in Your Company

Go through the process of adaptation to the new tools with ease and without delays. Let your team get up to speed on the tech innovations you provide to stay ahead of your competitors.

Automated Creation of SOPs

You don't need to record and rerecord videos, taking care of the speed of recording and the sequence of actions. Simply follow the procedure naturally while MagicHow captures screenshots. You can edit and customize your instructions later, at any time.

Visual Content

Showing is the best way to explain. One visual guide beats a few pages of texts, providing clarity and engagement. What's more, MagicHow allows focusing readers' attention on particular details by adding comments, tips, and graphic elements.

Flatter Learning Curve

It's much easier to learn when you have visual, concise instructions in place. The detailed MagicHow guides provide clear explanations of the processes, focusing users' attention on the key details such as forms, buttons, menus, etc.

Easily Shareable Content

Good guiding content is the easily accessible one. Once you've gone through the route, you may want to share your experience with as many people as possible. With MagicHow, you can effortlessly deliver your instructional content with your colleagues and employees.

Give Your Employees a Hand in Adopting New Tools by Providing MagicHow Visual Guides

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