Automate Creating How-to Guides for Your Customer Support

Create guides for your customers and customer care managers rapidly and easily. Answer your clients’ questions timely and thoroughly, having ready-made visual guides in place. With MagicHow, you can generate answers to FAQs, manuals, and SOPs within minutes. One instruction covers hundreds of cases. 

Create Your First Guide

Use MagicHow for Handling a Bunch of Key Customer Support Tasks

Create a guide, an instruction, or answers to FAQs once and share your content with a vast audience. Benefit from automated updates for documents shared via links and embedded to the websites.

Answering FAQs

With comprehensive, illustrated, shareable, and ready-to-launch answers in place, your customer support manager can respond to client’s questions thoroughly and in no time.


Let your customers solve issues on their own using your knowledgebase, and empower your support team managers with instructions on how to assist your clients in case they need it.

Creating SOPs

Provide your customer care managers with a straight course of action for dealing with software in their daily routine. Help them act quickly and be competent.

Creating User Manuals

The fewer challenges your customer has while using your services, the more enjoyable their experience will be. Help your clients surf through your services confidently.

Create a Variety of Guiding Documents
With MagicHow

create knowledge base with step-by-step magichow tool
knowledge base
create user manuals with step-by-step magichow tool
user manuals
create standard operating procedures (sops) with step-by-step magichow tool
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
create troubleshooting guides with step-by-step magichow tool
troubleshooting guides

Short Guide to Creating a Guide

With MagicHow, you can create an SOP, a how-to guide, or a user manual within minutes. Follow the process yourself while MagicHow records it and compiles screenshots into a guide.

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Start a process you’re going to record. Activate MagicHow by pressing the recording button.

Step 2. Going through

Perform a process, following the usual steps while MagicHow makes screenshots. Enjoy smooth sailing!

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Look through the document and customize it if needed. Do the most creative work, giving a guide a polished look.

Step 4. Sharing

Provide your colleagues, trainees, and new hires with comprehensive instructions that help them enhance their performance.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

Automate the Creation of How-to Guides and Customer Manuals

Launch Your First Guide
working process with magichow tool

MagicHow for Building a Powerful HR Team

Chances are, you'd like to share your experience with other HR professionals. With MagicHow, you can visualize algorithms for using specialized software and share your guides with colleagues, trainees, and an the HR team in general.

Use MagicHow in the Largest Number of Industries

use magichow step-by-step guide tool for e-commerce
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for healthcare
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for education
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for entertainment
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for tourism
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for information technology
Information Technology
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for transportation
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for education

MagicHow's Advantages for Customer Support

Save your time and energy by creating a single how-to guide or manual for thousands of customers. Use MagicHow to create training materials for your customer support managers.

Process Standardization

By creating instructions, you put everything in its place. Your customer support team follows processes in the most logical and productive way, adhering to fixed standards of service quality.


With MagicHow, you can forget about taking screenshots multiple times in a row. The tool will automatically create a guide, following your every step, recording it, and compiling slides into a comprehensive guiding document.

Errors Reduction

Since the key processes connected with using software and digital document workflow are standardized, your employees make fewer mistakes and tackle the tasks faster and more efficiently.

Performance Growth

By providing your employees with robust instructions, you help them focus on more creative tasks, some of which are vital for the company’s development. Besides, detailed guides leave less room for distraction.

Empower Your Client Relations Managers With Clear and Visual Instructions

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