Create Visual How-to Guides for Each Concern Needing Explanation

What? Why? How? These tree questions are the basis for each activity on the planet Earth. “How?” is last but not least. When you’re aware of the sequence of steps that leads you to success, it’s just a stone’s throw from this knowledge to your goal. With MagicHow, you can explain the HOW issue without effort: to your colleagues, trainees, new hires in your company, and clients.

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Turn Processes Into Visual Guides. Rationalize Workflow

With MagicHow, you can document any process, creating instructional materials to enhance your team’s expertise. For some processes, guidance is crucial – and that’s where MagicHow’s mission begins!

Process Documentation

Provide your employees with instructions, SOPs, and how-to guides that cover all your team’s needs in the knowledge of how the processes in the projects are performed. Help your teammates always be on the ball.


Back up the onboarding process with clear and concise instructions on how to start a career at your company. Introduce your new team members to the corporate software tools and digital environment. Speed up the settlement of formalities.

Implementing Tools

By creating detailed visual guides, you can incentivize the adoption of new software tools by your employees. Implementing innovations can be either challenging or effective and comfortable. If you’re inclined toward the second option, turn to MagicHow.

Answering FAQs

Say yes to automated and swift knowledge transfer in opposition to repetitively answering the same questions every time one of your colleagues needs a hint. Create how-to guides and add them to your knowledge base, optimizing your company’s workflow.

Creating a Knowledge Base

MagicHow allows your knowledge base to evolve at a neck-breaking speed. If you need about several minutes to create a visual guide, you can create hundreds of them in a month! With a magical guide builder under your belt, you can let your knowledge base evolve easily.

You Have a Process to Document. We Have the Solution

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