Accelerate and Simplify the Onboarding Process With MagicHow

You need several how-to guides to get your new teammates in the loop. You. Need. Several. How-to guides. To get. Your. New teammates. In the loop. Repetition is frustrating and adds nothing to your productivity.

Try out a tool that will help you create step-by-step instructions for an onboarding portal, a corporate wiki, and a knowledge base, and share them with one click. One document serves the whole team.

Generate Guides Automatically!

Help New Hires Make a Strong Start

Provide your new teammates with the knowledge of how to use software tools that are key for handling a variety of daily tasks.

Filling the forms

Give new hires detailed instructions on how to fill in tax, benefits, and other forms on an onboarding site. Help new teammates go through formalities with ease.

Settling in

Introduce software tools to the new employees and help them become proficient in handling their digital workspace within a few hours.

Mastering New Software

As soon as a new software solution is implemented, share the guide on how to use it with your teammates so that they can work in sync.

Getting Answers to How-To Questions

Prepare answers to the FAQs in advance. Provide your freshly minted colleagues with information on typical solutions for common challenges.


Help new hires to become skillful users of the company’s communication channels to enhance coordination and boost productivity.

Create Automated Guides for Your Intranet Channels

create a knowledge base with step-by-step guide with magichow tool
A Knowledge Base
create a corporate wiki with step-by-step guide with magichow tool
A Corporate Wiki
create an onboarding portal with step-by-step guide with magichow tool
An Onboarding Portal

Create How-to Guides for Onboarding in Five Steps

You can create a simple how-to guide or manual within a few minutes.
A complex document may take a little longer, but it is still easy!

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Start a process you’re going to record. Activate MagicHow by pressing the recording button.

Step 2. Going through

Perform a process, following the usual steps while MagicHow makes screenshots. Enjoy smooth sailing!

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Look through the document and customize it if needed. Do the most creative work, giving a guide a polished look.

Step 4. Sharing

Provide your colleagues, trainees, and new hires with comprehensive instructions that help them enhance their performance.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

Create Step-By-Step Guides for New Employees as Easy
As You Breath.

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Get Clear Benefits for Your Company from Organizing Instructions With MagicHow

Detailed, clear, visual SOPs and instructions can enhance your team's productivity. They also help your new hires stay efficient and motivated.

More engagement

Having a concise how-to guide in place means that you can inch your way toward a goal, being aware of what you do and why you do so. You stay enthusiastic, feel elated after success, and are eager to contribute more.

Fewer errors

Process standardization lowers the risk of misconceptions and confusion, which can lead to errors. Due to straightforward and consistent guidance, specialists are less prone to missteps and hasty decisions.

Higher retention rate

Clear and detailed tutorials help new employees achieve success easier and maintain a sense of progress, keeping the level of confidence high. Hence, specialists are more motivated to stay in situ and move to higher positions inside a company.

Higher productivity

Empower your employees with an opportunity to complete more tasks in less time by following your tutorials. You can reasonably expect a team's productivity boost since, with detailed instructions, specialists can hit their goals effectively.

More space for development

Following your clear, concise, and visually rich step-by-step instructions, employees can streamline routine tasks and focus on strategic goals. Procedure standardization provides space for exploring brand-new approaches and promoting innovation.

Keep Your Team’s Productivity High. Save Your Own Time and Effort.

Create Your First Automated Guide

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