Create Guides and SOPs for Your Sales Team Automatically

Streamline your sales managers’ efforts to increase sales, effectively convert prospects to customers, and enhance revenue growth. Provide your sales representatives with visual instructions on using software vital for their daily tasks’ performance. One guide covers the needs of hundreds of managers. Your content is engaging and easily shareable.

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Benefit from Guides Which Increase Your Sales Team's Performance

Boost the productivity of your sales team by providing sales managers with visual content that describes key processes involving software. Keep the competency benchmark of your managers high.

Process Standardization

Your team members always know which algorithms to follow to provide prospects with information and services as quickly as possible.

Answers to FAQs

Empower your sales managers with the information required for troubleshooting any customers' issues. Let your sales professionals swing into action immediately.


With ready-made instructions under your belt, you can enhance your new hires’ competencies and tailor them to your business needs two times faster.

New Tools Implementation

Integrate new software into your sales process without a hitch. Empower your sales representatives with more effective tools, ensuring smooth and problem-free workflow.


Give your sales managers an opportunity to ping each other only when it's really necessary. Let them feel confident, having solid and clear instructions within reach.

Increased Empathy

When your sales talents have clear directions, they have time and energy to search for non-standard solutions based on discovering the clients' needs.

Create a Variety of Guiding Documents
for Your Sales Team

create knowledge base with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
knowledge base
create instructions with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
create standard operating procedures sops with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
create troubleshooting guides sops with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
troubleshooting guides
create step-by-step guides with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
step-by-step guides
create software documentation with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
software documentation

Use MagicHow for Documenting Processes in Sales

With MagicHow, you can document processes without extra effort. Perform the task yourself while a tool records it and compiles screenshots into a comprehensive instruction.

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Identify the process that needs to be described in your guide.

Step 2. Going through

Use MagicHow to record the sequence of actions, starting from the beginning of the process and stopping once it is complete.

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Enhance your guide by adding comments, blurring sensitive information, and customizing the style.

Step 4. Sharing

Share your how-to guide with your sales managers.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

Document Processes and Share Guides with Your Sales Team Easily

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working process with magichow tool

MagicHow for Building a Powerful HR Team

Chances are, you'd like to share your experience with other HR professionals. With MagicHow, you can visualize algorithms for using specialized software and share your guides with colleagues, trainees, and an the HR team in general.

Use MagicHow in the Largest Number of Industries

use magichow step-by-step guide tool for customer relationship management software (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for sales performance software (SPM)
Sales Performance Management (SPM) software
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for sales enablement software (CRM)
Sales Enablement Software
use magichow step-by-step guide tool for business intelligence (BI) and analytics software
Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Software

Let Your Business Benefit from the Automated Creation of Instructions and SOPs

Help your sales team work in sync, orienting themselves to the standards shared by each team member.

Raised Productivity

With MagicHow, your sales team is always empowered with a comprehensive set of guides that regulate managers' everyday actions. Sales managers' activities are streamlined, straightforward, and bring more impressive results.

Enhanced Collaboration

Due to process standardization, your sales professionals are always on the same page. They can answer requests quickly and provide colleagues with relevant, up-to-date information and easy-shareable documentation.

Independence from Support

Your sales representatives can resolve and troubleshoot issues on their own by referring to your knowledge base and SOPs. This prevents delays in responding to client inquiries and enhances client retention.

Fast Onboarding

Help new hires immerse themselves into sales processes in no time. Benefit from sales professionals who contribute to your business from day one and aren't prone to errors and delays.

Enhanced Personalization

Your sales managers have instructions for the most ambiguous situations in place; thus, they aren't distracted by potential pressure and can provide personalized solutions for the customers.

Higher Quality of Service

Instructions, manuals, and SOPs make sales processes more organized and concise. Clearer goals, standardized procedures, and automated routines contribute to smoother operations, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Optimize Documentation for Your Sales Team With MagicHow

Create Guides Automatically

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