Create Visual Answers to FAQs Within Minutes

Should you provide how-to advice for your customers, instructions for your team members, or useful tips for your knowledge base, you should write answers to FAQs. What about making them brief, concise, and visual?It's way easier to explain to your sales team how to use a CRM in screenshots than text. Create visual answers to FAQs with MagicHow. Create them in one, two, three!

Generate Guides Automatically

Use MagicHow for the Automated Creation of FAQs to Hit Multiple Goals

Cover several tasks using MagicHow as a tool that
generates visual answers to how-to questions.

Operational Process Standardization

With concise, informative, and accessible FAQs, your team can work in sync. There is little room for misleading, errors, or contrived roadblocks.

Providing Customer Support

Empower your customers with clear and easy-to-grasp instructions on how to use filters on your online store, make payments, or track orders. Help them feel confident.

Onboarding New Hires

Ensure a fast and easy process of immersing your new team members into the business by providing visual guides focused on the key tools specialists use.

New Tool Implementation

Shorten the period of the team's adjustment to new software. Enable your colleagues to perform at their highest level right from the start.

Use MagicHow for Composing Answers
to FAQs for Different Web Pages

create a knowledge base webpage with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
A knowledge base
create an onboarding portal with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
An onboarding portal
create a corporate website with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
A corporate website
create a website for customers with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
A website for customers
create a sops for customer support managers with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
SOPs for customer support managers
create a social media webpages with step-by-step guides of magichow tool
Social media

Create Answers to FAQs

To create the content for FAQ blocks on a website or a knowledge base, you should go through the process yourself while a tool follows you and aggregates a step-by-step guide.

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Press the start button to initiate the process while MagicHow captures each step.

Step 2. Going through

Stop recording once the process is complete and review the draft of the guide.

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Customize your instructions by adding comments, deleting or adding screenshots, and enhance them with graphic elements to highlight important details.

Step 4. Sharing

Share your guide, tutorial, or instruction with your readers.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

Share Visual Answers to Your Customers’ and Employees’ FAQs Without Effort

Create FAQs Automatically

Benefit from the Automated Creation of FAQs and Let Them Contribute to Your Growth

Train your teammates and provide guidance to your customers without extra effort.

Proficient Team

Due to the detailed instructions for using software, your team can provide better performance. The number of errors and delays reduces while productivity surges. Each software tool is used with maximum efficiency.

Knowledgeable Clients

The more competent your customers are, the less time and effort is required to provide them with assistance. FAQs are a way to answer the client’s inquiries before they are made. Your tech support team will be delighted.

Smooth Workflow

With informative and visual guides, your team can easily avoid distractions and repetitive tasks which steal time and energy. To share the link with a pre-written answer to a how-to question is less time-consuming than contacting a person a providing a consultation.

High Visibility

The abundance of the high-quality content your company delivers to the internet community is a factor of popularity and trustworthy growth. By embedding FAQs on popular topics to websites and sharing guides on social media, you enhance your brand’s image.

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