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What makes one a real professional? The knowledge of tips and tricks that help perform faster and keep productivity high. MagicHow helps you catch the hints and hacks of the processes your workflow includes and share the knowledge about them with your colleagues, trainees, and clients. MagicHow creates visual guides for the processes you’re involved in.

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Use MagicHow as a Documenting Tool in Several Domains

MagicHow, as a versatile tool, is helpful for the creation of guides and instructions across a bunch of industries. Either you’re dealing with human resources, finance, project management, or business analysis, MagicHow is on a mission to enhance your productivity.

Human Resources

Automation of the creation of SOPs, guides, and tutorials can be helpful for effective training, onboarding, performance management, and other tasks vital for HR management in a company. The tool allows for saving time and helps avoid repetitive actions.

Customer Support

Raise your customer support team’s productivity by providing your sales professionals with detailed visual guides on using a CRM system, help desk, or live chat software. Empower your managers with a tool for the creation of answers to FAQs.


MagicHow is a versatile solution for documenting all kinds of operations in which software is involved. From onboarding and training to accounting and software development, there are plenty of procedures you may need to document, and MagicHow is ready to help!


Your sales managers can provide more personalized service if their energy isn't drained while bringing about answers to typical questions. Empower your sales professionals with a robust knowledge base they can access every time customers need advice.

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