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How-to Guides With MagicHow

How many times a day do you answer the same questions? We bet you do it regularly. How about creating a detailed guide once, sharing it with your audience, and updating it with just a few keystrokes?  With MagicHow, you can create instructions, tutorials, and manuals within minutes (depending on the guide's complexity). There are many things to do instead of going in circles.

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Use MagicHow for All Processes You're Involved In

With MagicHow, you can solve a variety of tasks, from giving new hires assistance in filling out application forms on an onboarding portal to organizing a knowledge base for the company's employees.

Recruitment and selection

Guide your colleagues through software tools and websites they can use for searching candidates, screening them, and vetting.

Onboarding and selection

Provide your new hires with clear and easy-to-grasp information from their first day and let a company benefit from sustainable teamwork.

Training and Development

Use MagicHow to create learning materials. Maybe, your senior specialists would like to share their hacks on using good old Excel? They'll make a guide in one, two!

Performance Management

Help your HR colleagues to set goals for employees and track their progress. Create step-by-step guides on how to use tools for workflow orchestration.

Employee Relations

Let your employees be sure they use corporate tools for communication in the most efficient way. Help them stay updated.

Benefits Administration

Explain to your employees how to enroll in health insurance, request sick leave, or retire. Make your instructions clear and illustrative.

Create a Variety of Products With MagicHow

create tutorials with step-by-step magichow tool
create manuals with step-by-step magichow tool
create training materials with step-by-step magichow tool
Training materials
create sops with step-by-step magichow tool
create presentations with step-by-step magichow tool
create knowledge bases with step-by-step magichow tool
Knowledge bases

A Guide to Creating a Guide

With MagicHow, creating instructions is as easy as breathing. Simply perform the task yourself while a tool captures the screen and compile screenshots into a guide.

getting started with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 1. Getting started

Start a process you’re going to record. Activate MagicHow by pressing the recording button.

Step 2. Going through

Perform a process, following the usual steps while MagicHow makes screenshots. Enjoy smooth sailing!

record steps with step-by-step tool magichow
edit recorded steps with step-by-step tool magichow

Step 3. Editing

Look through the document and customize it if needed. Undertake the most creative work, giving a guide a polished look.

Step 4. Sharing

Provide your colleagues, trainees, and new hires with comprehensive instructions that help them enhance their performance.

share and export with step-by-step tool magichow

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MagicHow for Building a Powerful HR Team

Chances are, you'd like to share your experience with other HR professionals. With MagicHow, you can visualize algorithms for using specialized software and share your guides with colleagues, trainees, and an the HR team in general.

Reach Out to Different Audiences While Providing Valuable Info

provide valuable info for colleagues with step-by-step magichow tool
provide employees for colleagues with step-by-step magichow tool
provide valuable info for mentees with step-by-step magichow tool
provide valuable info for professional community with step-by-step magichow tool
Professional community

MagicHow's Advantages for HR

Feel the power of automation! Save time for work that needs your expertise.


You can use our tool for the largest variety of tasks. It will come in handy for a junior or senior professional. It helps to get ducks in a row in routine tasks. At the same time, it will assist you while making breakthroughs.


MagicHow is a Jack of all trades in the sense that it can record, edit and share your instructions. (Pity, our tool can't pet your cat, but we're working on it.) However, one can use it intuitively. You can create a short guide in five minutes.

High Effectiveness

Each tool's feature is backed up by experience. "How can this task be done with fewer moves?" We've been working on MagicHow with this thought in mind. We packed the tool with services people really need.

You're in one step from your MagicHow guide! What are you waiting for? :)

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